Contact number : Contact : +8801607276228

Location : Location : Khiyarpara, Rayotisadullapur,Shanerhat,Pirgonj,5470,Rangpur, Bangladesh, Ashia/Asia.

Looking for WordPress Developer and Designer.
Job type: Anywhere by using computer and internet.

What need to do:
1. Integration specific websites within WordPress website.
2. Automatic online marketing plugins creations and setup for collect clients or customers.
3. International Payment get way creation and setup for Bangladesh for accept payment for Bangladeshi.
4. WordPress Personal Social Media updating and imports all users system from all social media to my own social media.
5. Robotic software blocking for WordPress system.
6. My WordPress website integrating with Windows operating system.
7. Hosting integrating and solving.
8. Automatic Marketing Plugins development for collect customers.
9. Plugins and system development for advertisement from my website and automatic payment accepting system from Bangladesh.
10. Development and design skills for all works complete.

Apply Way:
1. Fill up the form: Click Here
2. Send Message  : Click Here

Best of luck,
Mohammad Asaduzzaman Shuvo

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