Hello, My name is Mohammad Asaduzzaman Shuvo and I am from Khiyarpara, Rayotisadullapur,Shanerhat,Pirgonj,5470,Rangpur, Bangladesh, Ashia/Asia. I work remotely by using computer/laptop. I finished lot of projects all over the world. I start my study with computer and internet technology in 2008 and i complete the study. I started my freelance career in 2010 in Dolancer. After end the company, I created my own company. I joined in oDesk and Elance. I have completed lot of jobs/projects successfully. I hear about a new freelance company from a person who buy my international currency and pay me local payment. I start with the company which company name was Fiverr. Now I also work with UpWork which was formally oDesk.

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