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Dear Jannatun Nahar, I love you. mAd+d. I agree to Pee H D (Sumana). who died by suicide), Say, ০=Su (s+You)+N(Nurul)N0. S u, MA (MATIN) না. So, SuMAna. We undercover a very danger chapter in the year of 2000+. Do you remember the fan sound in your room. How dangerous it was! There was a female ghost with us and her name was Sumana. Maybe it’s true that, you are in problem. M for Mohammad. S=A, I (Little brother)=M, so Add Mohammad. The ghost is still with you. S=A,N= Ja না. So Sanjana. Do you remember the movie that we saw is called razz. Ra=J, Ra+J, Sh=A (First/1), H= Harun (Brother of Sumana). So, maybe someone trying to send me and you to the orbit. So, you just need to take care by yourself. The ghost (Sumana) and I don’t no that who trying to kill me but a ghost in past and I was investigate but I never found the source of the killing point. I found a very dangerous problem. It was a trap. I never can connects a secure official connection with my friends and family. So, please note that, I have passed my primary education with success result from your home town but the trap is under the integration system. I have seen your facebook friend circles and all of there names but maybe your husband (Nurul Matin) is the source of Sumana and the suicide case source and the link. PhD degree brake down code is pee H (Harun) D ( D Means sister). The university education system start in India/ Varot. So, the D comes from India or varot. Whatever, you just need to be strong. If you are in problem, just feel and remember, some one love you and it’s me. The hide secrete of dead is love. When all love has been finished, the death comes true. So, I love you. It’s not required to love me back or make it true but just feel it when you are in problem. If your mind die, your body will stay in earth and every one will send you to the grave. So, don’t worry, always I love you and I have send all of love to you by creating a secure connections. After you moving on abroad, the secure connection under problems. Your husband is not an educated person as I see a van driver who look likes your husband and I have seen that a uneducated society and persons reflex with your husband. So, the truth is, the are fake peoples and they are reason of lot of good innocent peoples died. So, what you need to do, my love has been deposited to your child’s for sending you the love. Another truth is, my love has been finished as love is the secrete of life. I am in problem as my loves and life under the last stage but i will try to rebuild. I also send you some letters in your facebook inbox . Please open that, when you need to safe your mind. So, please once again, if your mind / love ends or die, your body will stay. I know, you take care your body but it’s urgent to protect your mind.
A gift (Poem):
কবিতা: আমি নিশ্চিহ্ন হয়ে যাব।
লেখক : মোঃ আসাদুজ্জামান শুভ
সময় : ১০.৩০ (রাত)
আমি পালাবো, পৃথিবী ছেড়ে ;
নক্ষত্র থেকে নক্ষত্র ছেড়ে
তারার দেশ থেকে তারার দেশে
তারও ঊর্ধ্বে।
আমি বেহেশ্ত বা জান্নাত থেকে পালাবো
আমি দোযখ কিংবা জাহান্নাম থেকে পালাবো
আমি বিলীন হব, অস্তিত্ব বিহীন কোন এক শুন্যে।
Stay safe and take care.
Mohammad Asaduzzaman Shuvo.
Khiyarpara, Rayotisadullapur, Shanerhat, Pirganj, Postal/Zip code: 5470, Rangpur, Bangladesh,

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