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Education : If rat and cat stay as a friend and if you see that, it’s called your education has been finished permanently. If the cat kills the rat, the education is still unfinished.

The certificate of nature: If you see that, a cat never attack the rat, your education is finished.

If you have a documents or paper that proofs that you complete your education, that means you are a rat and you will always get hunt by the cat permanently before you die by the cat hunt.

If anyone failed, that means you are the most intelligent persons in the world or in the jungle as you success to hunt and lose fox, as fox is the most intelligent animal in the world.

So, the hide secrete in the world is, if you failed in education, you are most intelligent, brave and great person in the world. So, start study and do not copy anyone, write by yourself by your knowledge and your education has been finished, when you failed.

This research and credit goes to the Lion as the king of the jungle and this articles will be helpful content for all mans and woman, boys and girls, children’s and who can able to read this articles.

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